• 1Laser Cut 3d Letters
  • 2Stainless chanel letters. Face lit.
  • 3Channel letters Stainless Gold. Le Cinq.
  • 4Hairstyle Salon "Charme".
  • 5REMAX
  • 6Distinguished golden sign.
  • 7Cafe Vincenzo Montreal.
  • 8LED flood light 2X10Wt 1800lm
  • 9Complicated sign from stainless steel.
  • 10Bank "Russky standart" head branch
  • 11Diamond and Pearls
  • 12K par K Gift shop
  • 13Restaurant La Caverne. Montreal down town.
  • 14Metal centre STV
  • 15Bank "Russky standart" head branch sign
  • 16Channel letters on steel leaf with titanium oxide PVD - blue colour.
  • 17Business centre "Tsarsky"
  • 18Business centre "Tsarsky". Night view.
  • 19Evita Mendez boutique in Montreal
  • 20Wedding dresses boutique "Divina Sposa" day
  • 21Wedding dresses boutique "Divina Sposa"
  • 22Restaurant RASPUTIN
  • 23Parfume studio boutique - fragment
  • 24Parfume studio boutique
  • 25
  • 26LED flood light 7X1Wt 1200lm
  • 27G53 LED 9W, AC220V
  • 28Boss of penguins
  • 29Graceful swan
  • 30Wild bear
  • 31LED 10Wt 900 Lm
  • 32Aluminium pcb 28 LED
  • 33AC 220V SMD5050 IP55 LED Stripe
  • 34LED flood light 12X1Wt 1200lm
  • 35LED flood light 10X1Wt 1000lm
  • 368 120cm, LED 3528X276. 18Wt
  • 37MR11 LED 5050 3Wt
  • 3827 LED Light, 5X1Wt
  • 39Spot light 6 Wt, 3X2
  • 40MR16 bae LED 3X1Wt
  • 41Aluminium pcb 1 LED
  • 42LED Stripe 3528 120/m IP-55.
  • 43Module 3528 IP-55
  • 44Module 5050 IP-55
  • 45LED flood light 10Wt 900lm
  • 46GU10 base 3x1wt
  • 47E14 candle LED 1X3
  • 4827 bulb LED 6X1Wt
  • 49LED Stripe 5050 60/m IP-20
  • 50LED Stripe 5050 60/m IP-55
  • 51LED side view strip 335
  • 52LED Stripe 3528 LED 60/m
  • 53LED Epistar 1 Wt
  • 54Magnificent Light up Animals
  • 55Outdoor use 200-LED ICICLE ROOF LIGHT
  • 56Waterproof amplifier for RGB strip
  • 57Amplifier for RGB strip
  • 58RGB controller with pause feature
  • 59Infra red, wirless RGB controller
  • 60Waterproof, wirles RGB controloler
  • 61Street light LED 58X1Wt 110lm/Wt
  • 62LED flood light 6X1Wt 660lm
  • 63LED Stripe 3528. 120/m IP-20
  • 64Street lamp, base 40 LED 28X1Wt 110lm/Wt
  • 65Power supply 12V, 12Wt/1A. IP20
  • 66Power supply 12V, 120Wt/10A . IP67
  • 67Power supply 12V, 60Wt/5A. IP67
  • 68Power supply 12V, 30Wt/2,5A. IP67
  • 69Power supply 12V, 18Wt/1,5A. IP67
  • 70Power supply 12V, 240Wt/20A . IP20
  • 71Power supply 12V, 120Wt/10A . IP20
  • 72
  • 73 LED 6 x 1 110lm/
  • 74 40 LED 28 x 1 110lm/
  • 75led driver 48 WT 700 mA
  • 76AC Driver 28 Wt, 720 mA
  • 77AC Driver 12 Wt, 350 mA
  • 7827 bulb LED 5X1Wt
  • 798 LED 3528 X108 8Wt
  • 8014 LED 3528 X 4Wt
  • 81ETC
  • 82Reception sign Concordia
  • 83Decorative laser cut vestibule
  • 84
  • 85Vinyl sign
  • 86Laser cut letters
  • 87Ortho Clinic
  • 88Metal abat jours
  • 89Corten style laser cut screen
  • 90Decorative panel
  • 91Laser cut. Sign.
  • 92Laser cut. Aluminum.
  • 93Laser cut. Steel.
  • 94Aluminum 1/8
  • 95
  • 96Armoires
  • 97Black background sign.
  • 98Glass sign. The Standard
  • 99Library in stainless. Montreal 2016
  • 100Library in stainless. Montreal 2016
  • 101Restaurant suchi KOKORO, Montreal, 2017
LED X-mas decor



Icicle light, Xmas decor

200 leds, length 3800mm

Outdoor use ICICLE ROOF LIGHT rubber thick wire.

Icicle lights are a classic holiday decorating tool. Icicle style Christmas lights are most commonly used to decorate roof lines or eaves of homes to create the effect of dandling icicles. Our LED icicle lights have a horizontal main wire with icicle "drops" of varying lengths to create the traditional icicle effect. While traditional icicle lights were only available in standard clear or white, we offer icicle lights in almost every color along with several color combination sets. In addition to their traditional use, icicle lights are also great for decoration decks, gazebos, atriums and dining halls or convention centers.

Magnificent Light up Animals

Animal 3D statues for indoor or outdoor use these lighted animals complete a Christmas Display. They are perfect for home use or for Winter Wonderlands, Zoos, Shopping Malls, Hotels and other attractions designed to entertain hosts of families seeking fun times during the holiday season. We have: Horse, Swan, Penguin, Bear.

Boss of penguins

Size 4845. 120 led inside. Weight 1.8kg.

Graceful swan

Size 6041. Weight 3kg, 168 leds inside

Wild bear

Made in Quebec.

LED Alliance - Signs from stainless steel.

Today Stainless steel is one of most adorable decorative and functional materials, and LED Alliance proud to combine Inox with energy-efficient LED lights. Our goal is to provide the right solution so that our customers fully benefit from this exciting technology.